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How you can help sick or injured wildlife

Wild animals become innocent victims of human inflicted dangers like toxins, refuse, machinery, vehicles, home renovations and even gardening.  It is our responsibility as stewards of this earth to help our animal residents in times of need.  The basis of wildlife rehabilitation is to interfere as little as possible while supporting the animal to a state of balance and successful release back into the wild.

Rescue an animal only if the parent was killed, the animal appears cold, weak or injured, or if the animal is in obvious danger.  It is illegal to keep a wild animal in captivity for any length of time.  It is therefore imperative that you contact a rehabilitation centre for further instruction.  Please do not attempt to feed or raise baby animals by yourself.  Their nutritional requirements and care are drastically different from domestic animals, and  much irreversible damage can be done with improper care.

                         Shades of Hope Wildlife Centre                                                                      Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary

                          Pefferlaw, Ontario Website                                                                             Minden, Ontario Website

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