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Choosing a Pet

Many wonderful dogs and cats reside in our area animal shelters.  Please consider this as you proceed on your journey in search of the perfect pet.
The decision to adopt a pet is one that impacts the entire family.  Everyone should be in agreement to the decision and look forward to getting to know the new family member!   Consider your new pet to be a lifetime commitment that comes with many responsibilities.  Take into account the cost of food, veterinary care, amount of exercise, grooming, and the time and attention it will require.  What if you go away on holidays?  Are you covered?  Research your chosen animal well.  Learning about the pet you want will save a lot of heartache and trouble later. 
Puppy Mills
Beware of “puppy mills” and backyard breeders.  Yes, backyard breeders exist, right in our own backyards!  Please don’t feed the pockets of these unethical and unlicensed breeders.  These are the folks with the ads in the papers, a notice at the grocery store or on their front lawns.  Usually these animals are mixed breeds created by owners who do not spay and neuter their pets, making them the innocent victims of unethical breeders who seek monetary benefits with little concern for the health and welfare of the animals in their care. 
CKC Breeders
Seek out a reputable Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) registered dog breeder.  Purebred dogs have known temperaments and characteristics, and registration papers must always be forthcoming.  Reputable breeders screen potential owners to determine if their breed is suitable for them.  Some dog breeds are “needier” than others, and in an environment where no one is home for most of the day can lead to an unfavourable consequence for both dog and owner.  With mixed breed puppies, it is far more difficult to determine their temperament and size when you are mesmerized by their “cuteness”.  Far too many outgrow this “cuteness” in their owners eyes, and end up at the shelter.  Consult Dogs in Canada magazine for a listing of reputable CKC breeders in Canada, or by searching the internet.
Animal Shelters

Every year, everywhere, hundreds of homeless, sheltered animals don’t have a chance to find a loving home.  You can help by adopting an animal from our local Georgina Animal Control Shelter.  The animals awaiting adoption can be viewed on our adoption page. Also, please be sure to check out our friends Georgina Feral Cat Committee. A group of dedicated people helping to find homes for unwanted cats in our community.


Thank you for considering adopting a sheltered animal, and giving it a second chance for a happy home and life!

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