Emergency Numbers

Georgina Animal Control

Keswick; 905-476-3457

Sutton; 905-722-3452

Toll Free; 1-800-898-8606


O.S.P.C.A. York Region  Newmarket

905-898-7122 ext. 335


Shades of Hope Wildlife Refuge Pefferlaw

705 437-4654       Email        Web site


Woodlands Wildlife Sanctuary,  Minden

705 286-1133        Email        Web site

Good Stuff to Know

Changes to the current animal protection laws in Ontario have recently been made in Ontario!  This is great news for all animals in our province, as well as those of us who work to support and protect them.  Please click on the link to read more:


Info on selecting the best food for your pet:



List of cruelty-free companies, and lots more info:



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