P.A.W.S. of Georgina was founded and obtained registered charitable status in December 1999.  Our official public launch was September 19, 2000. 

The members of the P.A.W.S. Board of Directors specialize in adoption, health, welfare, education, fundraising and communication.  Our dedicated volunteers are the wheels that keep us in motion, helping as many animals as possible in our community.

P.A.W.S. does not assume ownership of animals.  We act as an advocate, educator and network for the adoption of homeless and sheltered animals in our community, responsible animal ownership, health and welfare, and provide public education and assistance for sick and injured local wildlife.  P.A.W.S. promotes the spaying and neutering of pets to reduce the unwanted animal population.  Details of our program are available on the Spay & Neuter page on our website.  We also encourage you to properly identify, license and contain your pet on your own property to ensure it’s safety and the safety of others.

P.A.W.S. has helped hundreds and animals find loving homes, or in the case of wildlife, medical assistance and/or rehabilitation facilities.  We educate the public by providing animal information and welfare tips through public information seminars and community events.  With your support, you can help us make a difference!

Text Box: P.A.W.S. stands for “Promoting Animal Welfare Society” … that means we care about the health and wellness of every animal … and we work hard to make sure that they are well cared for and safe.


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